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Filipinos have a deep regard for education, which they view as a primary avenue for upward social and economic mobility. Other data revealed a direct relationship between literacy levels, educational attainment, and incidence of poverty. As a rule, families with incomes below the poverty line could not afford to educate their children even in basic education. This problem, in turn, resulted in poor literacy rate of the country. Looking into the Philippine Educational system, it has gone far out of significant impact to the populace in terms of quantity and quality in all levels of education.
The program was designed to contribute to the enhancement of children as they are involved in the different activities in school that is considered to be of great impact in having a good foundation in education.
In as much as many Filipinos desire to finish formal education, a lot of people nowadays end up as Out-of-School most often because of poverty. Being in the survival stage, there are some who prefer to stop schooling and look for a job instead. Tuloy Aral Program shall cater to the Out-of-School-Youth (OSY) and Out-of-School-Youth-at-Risk (OSY-at-Risk) to give them opportunity to continue their studies in preparation for a better life in the future.
a. Out-of-School Youth (OSY)
• The program participant must be an Out-of-School Youth (OSY) with no formal education for one (1) year.
• She/he must not be over 18 years old.
• Must maintain a minimum GPA of 80% and no failing grade in any subject.
• Must be with no sponsoring agencies; and
• Must not have any other sibling in the same program.
b. Out-of-School Youth-at-Risk (OSY-at-Risk)
• Must not be over 18 years old.
• Should have a GPA of 80% and no failing grades in any subject.
• Graduating students may be a priority but not limited to them.
3. e-Skills Technical-Vocational Education and Training
The Training Center in Payatas was established in 2001 to equip the youth with necessary knowledge and skills in order to be competitive in the field of workforce in the future. The different activities intend to provide them experiences that would make them more mature individuals in their respective communities. The program is implemented in coordination with agencies such as Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), Don Bosco, Consuelo Foundation, and the Local Government Unit (LGU).
• Basic Computer Operations Course
• Building Wiring Electrician Course
• Basic Electronics Course
• Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Course
• Automotive
The trainings and courses offered are not limited to the abovementioned.
• Must be a High School Graduate.
• Interested and determined to take up vocational-technical training.
• Combined Family annual income must not be more than P 70,000.00.
• Must be 17-28 years old for Basic Computer Operations Course only.
• Must be 18-28 years old for other vocational-technical courses.